Winn Dixie Job Application – Apply Online Now !

Winn Dixie Job Application – Apply Online Now !

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Winn Dixie Job Application – Apply Online Now !

Currently, you may not find printable Winn Dixie job application. But it doesn’t mean you can not apply opening jobs at Winn Dixie. Because of Winn Dixie provided Winn Dixie application online system that made applicants will more easier to apply each Available jobs.

That’s true, Winn Dixie job application online offers easiness for each prospective employee in order to seek Winn Dixie jobs and in store pharmacies career opportunities. So, if you wish to build careers path with one of the nation’s largest food retailers, Winn Dixie may be the correct place for you. Therefore, if you send Winn Dixie Job Application now then you will have a greater chance to receive immediate hiring thought from Winn Dixie.

Description of Winn Dixie

Winn Dixie Logo - Winn Dixie job application

Winn Dixie was founded and established by William Milton Davis and his sons. Initially, it just a small store that sold most goods on credits. But he was unable to compete with other grocery stores that only accepted cash. But he didn’t give up, instead he move to other city and borrows some money to open new store.

Since it was opened for the first time in 1925, Winn Dixie has involved in many kind of situations. Starting from a glory situation where Winn Dixie has acquired so many store in several decades ago to a bad story when it was experienced tough financial issue till bankruptcy. Winn Dixie has ever operated over a thousand stores with more than 50,000 employees.

However, because of that financial difficulties, it forced Winn Dixie to close about 156 stores including 111 stores in Midwest in 2004. A year later, Winn Dixie have to close or sale 326 stores, again. And this matter causing as much as 22,000 or more jobs was lost. And this story was not the final closure of Winn Dixie. It still continue until it was decided to sell Winn Dixie to BI-LO. So, as per December 19, 2011, Winn Dixie has become a subsidiary from BI-LO. And the store it self will continue to use Winn Dixie name. Currently, Under BI-LO Holdings LLC,  Winn Dixie operated more than 480 stores and more than 400 in-store pharmacies in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. And approximately 63,000 team members was involved.

Winn Dixie Jobs

With the new parent coming, the business is still running. And possibly it will be growing more than the previous time. It means job opportunity at Winn Dixie will remain available. So, if you are really like a new challenge than you will participate in this big betting by sending your Winn Dixie Job Application. You can check regularly on Winn Dixie careers site.

Through Winn Dixie application online system, each applicant can  search  Retail jobs , Pharmacy, Logistics & Distribution careers.

Career opportunities at Winn Dixie are including Communications, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Logistics, Management, Marketing, Merchandising, Training, Business Systems Analyst, GMD Manager, Grocery Manager, Asst Grocery Manager, Meat Manager, Asst Produce Manager, Asst Meat Manager, Systems Engineer, Applications Developer, Inspector Quality Assurance, In Store Coordinator Delegate, Bakery Manager, Seafood Manager, Lift Driver, Asst Grocery Manager and much more.

Winn Dixie Job Application

In order to apply available jobs at Winn Dixie, you can use Winn Dixie job application online. Using that Winn Dixie application online form you can apply Winn Dixie retail store jobs, Logistics and Distribution Center careers, Pharmacy jobs, and corporate or Support Center careers.

Go to the official Winn Dixie career site, do some jobs search under the careers page. You can set up your jobs search criteria based on jobs number, keyword, job field, Postal Code radius, locations, posting date, and type of employment whether it is full time or part time. Once you see the jobs search result, just click on Jobs title to see detail of jobs including, overview, responsibilities, Competencies, Qualifications, Requirement, even the schedule and detail scope of work.

If you think,that jobs was matched for you, you can begin to send Winn Dixie job application by click “Apply Online” button.  And then, you just have to follow each step properly. Until you completed every question on Winn Dixie application online, and send that Winn Dixie job application.



  1. I am a 15 year old still in high school looking for a part time job for my summer break. my break strated (6/7/12)-(8/10/12)

  2. Jordan Lampley, on June 11, 2012 at 10:48.
    I am 16 years old still in high school looking for a part time job for my summer break.(my break has started. my phone number is 904-238-xxxx

  3. I am 16 years old still in high school looking for a part time job for my summer break

  4. Hello I am a 15 year old who is still in high school looking for a job for summer vacation.Once my summer vacation is over I can work on the weekend.

  5. My name is MIlton Im 18 yeras old and Im lookin for a job Part-Time Im in adult school.

  6. I am 18 years old and looking for a summer job. i’m still in high school. i am avaiable to work on the weekdays.

  7. Hello my name is gardell young I just turned 15 may 12th 2012 ive been looking for a job since that day ive been looking its very hard to find a job at this age why at the same time trying to get a car, license, help pay bills, and also pay my phone bill I will work full-time until school starts I will be attending 10th grade so during school I will beable to work part time I do not have any problems with switching stores to get ahold of me call 8634301083

  8. To whom it may concern,

    Re: Administrative Assistant II – 12012360 at Winn-Dixie

    I applied for the job above and received the following message:

    “Your application for the Administrative Assistant II position was reviewed:
    “After carefully evaluating your qualifications, we have identified other candidates whose experience and background more closely meet the requirements of the position.”

    I have over 30 years of Administrative Assistant experience. Why no just say that I am too OLD. Honesty goes a long way!!!!

    Thank you

  9. I would like to be hired to work at Winn Dixie .

  10. hii. im 18 years old and i hope to work there. hope you guys won’t leave me hanging

  11. Hello my name is Montazha Martin from Lakeland,Florida I am 16 years old looking for a part time job.I am still in high school attending at Lakeland senior high. My number is (863)683-6050

    Thank you

  12. Looking for a job. Very hard worker and very flexible with hours. Please contact me asap.

  13. Hello im looking for a part time job. I’m 15 in high school ,Im a B student and i just want to start saving some money for the future.please respond if your looking for a good worker.Also Im also pretty friendly and easy to get along with.My number is (954-560-9692)

  14. I am attempting to obtain the online application and cannot.

    I have years of experience in a deli (co-owned one) and ready and willing to work immediately. I am mature, honest, and dependable.

    Can you please assist with how to find the application online?

    Thank You,
    Cathie Hines

  15. My names janelle. I’m 18 years old in search of a part time job until I’m finished with high school (May 21st 2014). I have customer service experience.

  16. I need an job

  17. Elizabeth Ortiz
    1434 Whitehall Ln, Holiday, FL 34691



    More than three working for and managing retail establishments on Tarpon Springs Fl. Recognized for delivering unparalleled customer service. A verifiable track record of success backed by impeccable references. Areas of expertise include:

    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Merchandising and Display
    • Employee Management
    • Bi-Lingual (English/Spanish) •
    New Product Introduction
    • Budgeting/Record Keeping
    • Problem Solving
    • Inventory and Pricing Controls
    • Computer/POS Scanning Use

    Roy Rodgers Restaurant, Bronx, NY

    AIU ONLINE, Chicago, Illinois
    Business Management
    East Side House Settlement, Bronx, NY
    Equivalency: GED

    Personal Enjoy and active in:
    • Musicals and theatre
    • Ice Skating
    • Exercise
    • Performing in shows

    References and Supporting Documentation Furnished Upon Request

  18. I would love to work at winn Dixie warehouse I know how to work all machine in the I have warehouse experience in the warehouse #786-357-4272 754-265-3642 thank u

  19. please call me 3058798917

  20. may someone please help me find the application online

  21. Dear Mr.Manager

    I am your neighbor..I would like to work with Winn Dixie.Very sincerely yours

    Javier Valderrrama

  22. iam 15 years old and would like to work please hire me i need to help my mom shes going blind:(

  23. Hi I’m Shannon Speirs, I’m 19 and still in High school.
    I’m looking for a part time job that is flexible that will work with my school schedule… thank you for your time, Shannon Speirs.

  24. hello I’m willie mae hodges I’m looking for a pt job in the afternoon in deli or cashier for 2 to8

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  27. My name is Agnis L Long I am lookin for a evening part time job in cashier position you may contact me @ 334-322-7490 or by my E-mail address I’m very highly qaulified for the position because before I started working in the educational field this is all I done I worked for the store on coloseum Bldv when they first open I can work all evening shifts from 4 until. Thanking you in advance.

  28. I work will with other am 18 in the 11th grade I have great grade leting me work for you guys i won’t let you down.I always have a smile on my face and make the custors feel like they are a home and yeah dont get me wrong i joke but i know when its time to joke and not. Am all about the team work becayse team work make dream work. @ call me 754-245-3672

  29. Violet Lucas. March 24th,2015 11:30,
    I am looking for a full time Job in customer service, cashier, produces, or at any other opening that may be available. Work well with others. Willing to work over time and with others to get the job done.
    Highly motivated to get started. Thanking you in advance for your consideration. I can be reach @ (786)508-3755 Thankyou.

  30. My name is Na’Shay , i am 17 years old. i am in high school going into my senior year. i am looking for a summer job part time , or full time. i have leadership skills , and good communication skills and i am very respectful. please if you have anything to ask me please e-mail me .
    Thank You .

  31. hello I am 28years old I can start work now . part time job. I can work Mondays -Fridays and Saturdays . and even sundays too . I was working at wal mart but I got laid off . I need a job bad . I was doing maintenance work at wal mart . I got laid off on june 10th of 2015 . here my number 941 666 1757 . I am not in school . please email me back I can do clean bathrooms and get carts out of the parking lot and bring them back in the store or bagger I can sweep and mop . and I can do trash cans . and clean up spills also . I was working at the wal mart in puntagorda not no more . I got laid off . pat was the one that laid me off she said 20 people got laid off and I was one of them . I really need a job bad I also like to work . please write me back thanks .

  32. Hello,
    I was looking for how to submit an application. I have management experience for fast good and have to quit because my car broke down. I was seeking a job in albino distance this way I can make it to work.

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