Urban Planet Job Application and Career Opportunities

Urban Planet Job Application and Career Opportunities

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Urban Planet Job Application and Career Opportunities

Urban Planet careers opportunities are widely opens. Sending Urban Planet job application could be a most appropriate way to make you join with their teams. This company is still growing and expand. From day to another day, they offers some brand new unique size and concept fashion, well made and of course trendy merchandise.

However, Urban Planet is not only a great destination for shopping experiences, but also could be a better place to establish your career within fashion retail industry.

Urban Planet Company Overview

Urban Planet Logo - Urban Planet Job Application

Urban Planet is a brand name from YM, Inc., This corporations was founded in 1975 started by a single retail store in the heart of downtown Toronto. On that time this store use Stitches as their brand. But now, YM, Inc., has well known as a leading fashion retailer in north America, across Canada and United States.

Beside Urban Planet, YM, Inc., also builds other banners for other niche such as Stitches, Sirens, Siblings, Suzy Shier and Bluenotes. So, it can be concluded that this corporation tries to cover wide rang customers, for both gender, both children and adults. For them, delivering  quality fashion choices at value conscious prices is the top priority goal.

Therefore, it’s not wondering if this apparel retailers has built not less than 600 stores throughout United States as well as Canada under half a dozen distinct banners.

Urban Planet Clothing Store

Urban Planet Jobs

There are many options for job seekers to find appropriate jobs at fashion retailers industry. One of them is Urban Planet. Yes, if you really looking for wide variety of job opportunities, this fashion store chain is what you are looking for.

Several positions may often available at Urban Planet like Store manager in Training, Store Team Member, Shop Manager, and Time Assistant Manager. Each position will need own requirement due to different job description and key function. As a result, the employee benefits could be vary and very depending on position or employment level. please visit your local store or looking for within official site for getting further info.

In addition, if you do a job search right now, you may also find other Urban Planet job opportunities. Those positions are In-store Visual Merchandiser, Retail Fashion, District Manager, Big Box Co-managers, and Big Box Store Manager.

How to send Urban Planet Job Application Online

Urban Planet doesn’t provide printable jobs application form. In order to apply current available position, you have to send it through online.

At first you can visit Urban Planet careers webpage by following this link. On that page, then you should follow another link to view the most recent Urban Planet job opportunities.  If you think one or any positions can tease you, then you should begin preparing Urban Planet job application and send it online.


  1. Hello there

    I’m a 15 year old student who’s looking for a job, I’m very active , I used to be a tutor also and I live really close to one of your stores ( in fairview mall) please email me back .

    Bye and thank you

  2. Hi urban planet team,

    My name is Kimberley and I am interested part time work in an urban planet store in the Oshawa, Whitby area. I am organized, a hard worker and has had prior experience with with working with customers or the cash register at Subway. I would be a great asset to work in urban planet.



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