Panda Express Application Form

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Panda Express Application Form

China, not only as a country but also a great culture, has own way to influence other countries including The United States. By sending Panda Express Application Form and getting a job in there you could see by yourself. As you know, that China since centuries ago has already developed great culture. And recently back on the track to become the greatest new economic super power. We don’t talk about the country but more than that, a Culture. Many countries commonly have china town that maybe have own local name. And Chinese restaurant was increasingly in demand in various countries, including in the United States. One of it is Panda Express.

So, if you want to look for Chinese-American cuisine menus then Panda Express could be your best choice. So do with the jobs. You could simply visit to the nearest Panda Express restaurant to get a job as well as Panda Express application form.

Therefore, if you really have passion to work at Panda Express fast food restaurant chain and express more care and concern to food you must send Panda Express application online.

Description of Panda Express

Panda Express Logo - Panda Express Application Form – Online Jobs Employment Application

Panda Express is the largest Chinese-American cuisine restaurant in the United States. This restaurant chains was initially founded by Andrew Cherng, his wife Peggy Cherng as well as his father Master Chef Ming Tsai Cherng. Before they built Panda Express quick service restaurant, Panda Inn restaurant have previously established in 1973.

Ten years later, Panda Express actually a fast-food version of Panda Inn began its debut. It was initiated at the suggestion of Donahue Schriber Real Estate, the manager of the Glendale Galleria that invited Andrew Cherng to open restaurant for the Galleria’s food court.  Panda Express provides a variety of Chinese taste foods from Orange chicken, Beijing Beef, Mandarin Chicken, to Kung Pao chicken.

Panda Express can develop well and grow rapidly. Just within ten years since first opening, Panda Express was able to expand their location up to one hundred. In 2007, Panda Express has operated a thousand stores. Of course, it was also receiving some awards. In addition, QSR magazine placed Panda Express as Ranking 1 in Asian quick service category for consecutive years from 2001 to 2007.

Currently, beside has opened more than 1500 locations throughout 42 states, Panda Express is also expanding to Mexico City. If you want to know further information about Panda Express quick service restaurant maybe this contact address will help you.


Mailing Address
Panda Express Guest Relations
P.O. Box 1159
Rosemead, CA 91770

Panda Express Jobs

Panda Express may be not the largest quick service restaurant in the United States. But, in Chinese-American cuisine, Panda Express is the winner. As well-known fast food restaurant for around thirty years, Panda Express will need some fresh employees that were really having passion for serving foods.

You may easily find jobs at Panda Express either restaurant careers or corporate careers.  Look at the Panda Express careers site and you can find available Panda Express such as Field Marketing Manager, Helpdesk Support, Information Management Administrator, Construction Project Manager, Applications Developer, Sr. Network Administrator, Field HR Representative, Legal Due Diligence Specialist, Assistant Network Security Administrator, Network Administrator, Programmer, Field Human Resources Representative, Real Estate Acquisition Analyst, Mailroom Clerk, Facilities Manager, Service and Kitchen team, and Restaurant Management Position.

In or der to get one of above Panda Express jobs you can send Panda Express application form as soon as possible. By visiting Panda Express you can find further info about Jobs descriptions, qualification and also some benefits that you would be received. And also “Apply Online” link to help you sending Panda Express application form online.

How to Send Panda Express Application Form Online

Sending Panda Express application form online is not too difficult. You just have to find Panda Express official site on When you are on the welcoming screen, you can simply choose careers menu.

On the Panda Express careers webpage, you can find Panda Express jobs throughout restaurant careers as well as corporate careers. If you prefer to apply Panda express restaurant jobs, you can find jobs both hourly and management opportunities.

Commonly, Panda Express announced the clear info for recruitment on its careers site. For example, Panda Express usually conducts open recruitment for Restaurant management or Service and Kitchen Team opportunities on certain Panda Express location, and following by walk in interview.

Panda Express Application Form Online

In order to participate in those opening recruitment and interview, you should send Panda Express application form online. You could send one of it through Panda Express careers site.

After you do jobs search and find any suitable Panda Express jobs, you can simply click on respective jobs title to view jobs description and qualifications. If you think those jobs appropriate for you then you should find and click “Apply Online” to begin sending Panda Express application form online.


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