King Soopers Application for Employment

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King Soopers Application for Employment

If you chase after a working environment that’s full of fantastic people and great neighborhood, then you must make an effort to apply King Soopers jobs. Prepare King Soopers application right now by applying online.

King Soopers is a subsidiary of The Kroger Co. The stores are significant presence in the state of Colorado on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains. And you may also find other King Soopers stores in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Pueblo, Colorado, foothills, and Colorado Springs.

As one grocery retailer from the famous chains, The Kroger Co., You may be aware that might be out lots of King Soopers careers that you may make an application for. For that reason, please prepare your own King Soopers application online at the moment.

Company Overview

The initial King Soopers store was opened in 1947 by Lloyd J. King in Arvada, Colorado. His mission was to provide a friendly service, value, cleanliness and quality to the customers.  A couple of years later, King Soopers had grown to nine stores.

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Ten years later King Soopers was acquired by the Dillon Businesses. And then Dillons merged into Kroger about three decades later. Many products such as Bakery, dairy, deli, frozen foods, general grocery, meat, pharmacy, produce, seafood, snacks, and liquor are commonly available at King Soopers.

King Soopers Jobs

King Soopers job opportunities for employment prospects around Kroger Co or a number of other banners can readily look for. Simply Visit Kroger Co job opportunities site to locate current available King Soopers jobs, as well as other banners. But it should really be accepted this King Soopers is a beloved store chain for a number of folks, both as a place of work and shopping destination. King Soopers stores commonly open daily from 5:00AM-1:00AM.

There are numerous King Soopers jobs that may often needed including cashier, stocker, and courtesy clerk. Those positions are hourly jobs. A cashier at King Soopers will get about $10.00 and $16.00 an hour. A Stockers with King Soopers earn typically $12. 00 hourly. While a courtesy clerk earns generally between $9.00 and $14.00 per hour.

In additions, you can also find other King Soopers jobs that are spreading aside within Hourly store jobs; headquarter opportunities, manufacturing and distribution jobs.

How to Send King Soopers Application

To be able to get yourself on King Soopers team, it is possible to simply sending King Soopers application online. It could be performed through the use of an online system on its parent company careers site, Kroger Co, easily. None the less to utilize specific occupation, you have got to be registered first.

Firstly you’ll need to consider Once you got to inside choose careers section to explore further regarding King Soopers jobs. It could be available at which page beneath the company information menu. As soon as you currently on King Soopers Careers web site, simply do jobs lookup predicated on your personal requirements. Click respective job name to see the detail with this King Soopers jobs. To begin sending out King Soopers online resume, just discover “Apply Now” button. Applying this point, it is possible to only follow detailed King Soopers application online. But it actually you’ll bring to Kroger Career site. Yeah you will find out King Soopers jobs on the website.


  1. My name is Erin Logan and I,m seeking part-time cashier or clerk. I,m only interested in the Greeley,Co. area. Have experience in cashiering. Please consider hiring me. Thank you!

  2. MynamehiskenHardingandIamseekingparttimeGreeterandcousteryclerk

  3. Hi,
    my name is Eva Thoman. I submitted an application approximately two weeks ago and have not heard back. I would really like to work for King Soopers as a Courtesy Clerk with hopes of advancing in my career at some point. Please email me to let me know.
    Thank you for your time,

  4. Hi I’m Ashley Purslow and I am having a hard time with this application process. In castle Rock, CO. they have a starbucks inside and I was hoping into becoming a barista there. Pleas email me.Thank you for the time.

  5. I looking for some position in deli or grocery night crew .

  6. I love Kings Soopers, for many reasons. First is because you can move up the ladder really fast! 2 I love the employees that work there, are are so special to me. And many, many more reasons!

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