How to Build Careers at Verizon Wireless

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How to Build Careers at Verizon Wireless

An American may already know what is Verizon Communication Inc. and what kind of company it is. Many of you may also use Verizon Wireless service on your phone or other mobile devices. But, have you ever think to begin working at Verizon Wireless? If you are interested to apply Verizon Wireless jobs, then you can find one of it and also find the way how to build careers at Verizon wireless.

Of course, you don’t want to lose your chance for being Verizon Wireless employee. As you may also know that Verizon Wireless offers career progression as well as a comprehensive benefits package that may be difficult to be found at other companies. Yeah, you are right, Verizon invests a lot of time and money into their employees and offer substantial benefits, including recognition and rewards. Please believe us, you will need recognition for working in this kind of company.

Verizon Communication Inc. History

This company was established from the merging of two companies, Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. on June 30, 2000. Less than a week later, the company began trading on the NYSE, and then on NASDAQ about ten years later. The company uses VZ ticker symbol both for NYSE and NASDAQ.

Verizon Wireless Logo - How to Build Careers at Verizon Wireless

A new company as a result of that merger, most of us know it as Verizon doesn’t need a long time to be a bigger, well-known, and established company in the United States. It cannot be separated from either Bell Atlantic Corp. or GTE Corp. track record and their great reputation.

GTE was one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies and a leading wireless operator in the united states, with more than 7. 1 million wireless clients. GTE was also serving internationally for the duration of Canada and the Dominican Republic, Taiwan, and through affiliates in Canada, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, beside in the United States itself.

Meanwhile, Bell Atlantic was also a large company. In addition, it was larger than GTE. Bell Atlantic Mobile customers were spreading out within the United States, Latin America, Europe and the Pacific. So, it’s not wondering if Verizon Wireless as the result of the merging can transform into the nation’s largest wireless company based on the total number of customers.

In the early 2009, Verizon acquired Alltel from Atlantis Holdings LLC. This acquisition makes Verizon service can cover almost all of the United States population. Verizon didn’t stop to expand. During the same year, they also make some agreement with AT&T Mobility and Atlantic Tele-Network to acquire their wireless properties. However, long before it happens, Verizon announced that it had agreed to acquire MCI. Not enough with that agreement Verizon announced still other agreements to buy Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) licenses from SpectrumCo in the end of 2011. SpectrumCo is a partnership of Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and from Cox TMI Wireless.

Today, Verizon Wireless has become the largest 4G LTE provider in the United States. This company also employs not less than 194,000 employees. The company has served millions customers in more than 140 countries.

Verizon Wireless Corporate Office Address

Verizon Wireless Headquarters
Basking Ridge
New Jersey
07920 USA
Phone: 1-908-559-5490
Customer Service: 1-800-922-0204

Verizon Wireless Stores

Careers at Verizon Wireless

Job seeker who has known the reputation of Verizon wireless may have a big intention to build careers at Verizon Wireless. The parameters could be simple. By looking at the awards and recognitions, you can find that Verizon Wireless could be your suitable workplace. Some of those awards and recognitions such as Best Adoption-Friendly Workplace from The Dave Thomas Foundation For Adoption, Best Companies for Working Mothers from Working Mother, Top Company for Latinas from LATINA Style, Best Place to Work in IT from Computerworld, Top Company for Diversity from Hispanic Business and Diversity Inc., and many others. Those awards and recognitions show us that Verizon Wireless is one of the most reputable employers in the United States.

On the other side, as multi-national company Verizon Wireless offer wide range jobs in various career areas. So do not worry, if you have any expertise either within Sales, Customer Service, Technology, or Network, you remain have a chance to build careers at Verizon Wireless.

Currently, one of the HR Recruiter at Verizon Wireless write on the Verizon Wireless Facebook page that The Verizon Wireless Contact Center is now hiring for front line Customer Service Representative positions. Therefore, please visit its career page. On official Verizon Careers webpage you can also find other job openings at Verizon Wireless. There are so many jobs that currently available at Verizon Wireless such as Rep-Retail Sales, Solutions Architect, Sr Analyst-Finance, Sales Intern, Account Manager-Indirect, Retail Customer Support Rep, Account Exec – Business Sales, Retail Leadership Development, Technician-Cell, Network (Engineering) Opportunities for Fresh Graduate, Administrative Support for Marketing Director, Telesales Representative, Network Planning Engineer, and many other positions that can be found further easily on Verizon Wireless careers site.

How to Apply Verizon Wireless Careers

Applying Verizon Wireless employment opportunities can be started by finding current Verizon Wireless job openings. If you are a student and recent graduates, you may attend Verizon Wireless careers fair or events that often come to your school or college. Verizon Wireless also offers internship program, partnership, as well as Campus Hiring Program. Those programs will give a great opportunity for qualified students to work at this Fortune 15 Company.

While for most common job seekers can simply find career opportunities at Verizon Wireless on its careers site. Through this Verizon Wireless careers webpage, you can find current job openings as well as apply it online.

Verizon Wireless job application online - How to Build Careers at Verizon Wireless

Principally, in order to apply any position that was listed on Verizon Wireless career webpage, you must be logged in into the system. It means, a new user should register first, and then create or update your online profile. We recommend you to always look at the job details before sending Verizon Wireless job application online. If you think everything OK, it means you are understanding the job, as well as you met the company requirement, then you can simply click on “Apply Now” Button.

Once you have done this, the beginning process of applying Verizon Wireless careers was just begun. Please allow the recruiters to process your application. Commonly it will take three up to six weeks before they decide to call you or not.

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