Hallmark Cards Stores Careers Application

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Hallmark Cards Stores Careers Application

Hallmark Cards have been delivered many Americans expressions in various moments for more than a century. Although today so many social media sharing application like Facebook, Google plus, LinkedIn, and so many other networks, but in some cases it cannot be replaced conventional greeting media. Many people think that sending gift cards, presents, and greeting cards during Christmas or New Year for instance will give stronger emotional relationship. Therefore, many of them are still sending it between each other.

As a result, the company like Hallmark that is providing and producing greeting cards will remains exist. As well as the Hallmark careers and job opportunities. If you are interested to join with Hallmark team, you can find some information by visiting the nearest Hallmark stores or simply visit the Hallmark official website.

The Description of Hallmark Cards

All things about Hallmark card was begun when Joyce Clyde Hall decided to venture from retail of varied products during the postcard craze era to wholesale of postcards. But later on, he thought that greeting cards would become more prominent than postcards. Even he stated, “they were more than a form of communication-they were a social custom.

Hallmark Cards Logo

The company itself was established by Joyce C. Hall in 1910, and then named as Hall Brothers. His company was growing and beginning to sell Valentine’s Day and Christmas cards. Several years later ”Hallmark” was introduced to public. It was inspired by the goldsmiths in London during the 14th century who used the hallmark for each their works.

Today, Hallmark offers various products including greeting cards, gift wrap, party goods, giftware, stationery, electronic greetings, and keepsake ornaments. In order to support their business, Hallmark employs more than 18,000 workers worldwide. About 55% of them are associated full-time with the U.S. personal expression business, and 25% of that number are Hallmarks corporate associates.

Hallmark Cards Corporate Office Address

Hallmark Headquarters
2501 McGee Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64108
2501 McGee Street
Kansas City,
Missouri 64108 USA
Phone: 1-816-274-5111
Customer Service: 1-800-425-5627

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Hallmark Careers

Basically every person is a social creature. And then they will automatically develop their own method to interact with others, including exchanging the greeting cards. Considering this matter, most of Americans must already know Hallmark Cards, the leading personal expression industry in the world. In this section we are not talking about various Hallmark greeting cards, but more focusing on how to build your own Hallmark Careers.

You can find Hallmark career opportunities by visiting its careers site. Commonly there are many available positions both full-time and part-time. On the other side, you can also easily apply varied field merchandising jobs that may include Part-time Retail Merchandiser, Part-time Installation Merchandiser, Part-time Installation Leader, and Part-time Territory Assistant. If you are interested in part time field merchandising jobs then you have to prepare for not ideal conditions work environment with limited lighting and required a high level of labor and energy.

Hallmark Card Stores

On the other hand, for “better” Hallmark careers, you may find jobs either within corporate office or Hallmark stores. You may apply Associate Product Manager, Writer, Business Development Application Specialist, IT Specialist, Retail Associate Merchandise Manager, On Call Print Production Technician/Production Designer, Seasonal Customer Service Consultant, Seasonal Order Assembly, Innovation Leader, Designer, Design Engineering Intern, Industrial Engineering Intern, 2013 Business Management & Analytics Intern, 2013 Credit Spring Intern, 2013 Finance and Information Systems Intern, Merchandising Retail Execution Specialist, Supply Chain Intern, Industrial Engineering Intern and Product Designer.

You can find further info about those openings of Hallmark jobs by visiting a Hallmark Careers webpage directly by following this link.

How to Apply Hallmark Jobs

If you are looking for the company that’s known the organization, initiative and customer service, then you could try to find it within decades or a hundred years old company. Possibly, one of the answers is Hallmark Cards Inc.

However, Hallmark Cards, Inc. as well as its subsidiary companies will only hire the applicants that could show the authorization of work permit in the United States. Outside of this matter, Hallmark is an equal opportunity employer. So do not hesitate to send Hallmark application for employment. There are also any other things you must take into account after you prepared Hallmark job application.  Basically, Employment by Hallmark is based on the contract. It means the agreement between you and the employer. You must also complete Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, passing the urinalysis drug screen, education verification and satisfactory reference and criminal record checks.

But at first, it’s better if you find the most appropriate opening Hallmark Cards jobs. The best way for you to find it is by looking at a Hallmark Careers web page. Please expand that job position to view detail information. If you thought you fit for that position, then you can start preparing the Hallmark job application form. Please make sure you attached your latest resume, cover letter, and also Your Portfolio that should include several writing samples, digital images of your graphic design and could be other things that could show your abilities depend on the position you want to apply for.  The most common file formats are doc, docx, pdf, htm, html, txt, pdt, xls, mov, jpg, swf, mp3, and zip. Please also consider the file size. Hallmark Cards recommend you to send the file not more than 20MB in total file size.

hallmark job application

After you send the Hallmark job application form, please allow the recruiters to take some time to review your application. If you can pass the screening, you will have greater opportunities to build the Hallmark cards careers.


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