Guess Job Application

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Guess Job Application

You can apply online for several Guess jobs. But for certain position especially in Store, you may have to send Guess job application to nearest Guest store or to the store that you want to work for. Basically, Guess looks for personable, motivated, enjoy a fun work environment people, and then applicants that have retail experience would be preferred. That’s right, such personality will always be needed by prestigious and innovative organizations like Guess, Inc.

Therefore, if you really have passion to work at retail business as well as establish careers at Guess, then you must prepare Guess job application. In order to apply openings Guess jobs, you could stop by at GUESS?, GUESS? Factory or Marciano Store to complete an application form, Send your resume to specified hiring address, or apply online using Guess job application online system.

Of course, it was depend on what kind position you want to apply for. Applying Guess Store jobs or Management jobs at Guess may require you to send Guess job application in different way.

Description of Guess

Guess by Marciano logo - Guess jobs and careers

For several years, Guess was very famous as an American clothing line brand. However, Guess also sells watches, jewelry, perfumes, and other fashion Accessories.

This company was initially established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, Paul Marciano and Maurice Marciano. Guess success story was begun from its initial products. You may remember stonewashed, slim-fitting jean, and the 3-zip Marilyn. On that time, all of those products could be sold in minutes in Bloomingdales. Yes, Bloomingdales was the first department store that bought Guess products.

The company kept growing in line with the inherent images as young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle. This matter could be presented well by top model like Claudia Schiffer, Carre Otis, Eva Herzigova, Anna Nicole Smith, Laetitia Casta, Carla Bruni and Naomi Campbell.

Nowadays, Guess has transformed into famous lifestyle brand throughout the world. Not less than 19 licensing partners and 1,210 stores in over 80 countries have been opened to serve their millions customers. And Guess is not only popular by its jeans but also full range of apparel and accessories. In addition, after new concept of this company called as G by Guess, it seems Guess begins selling similar products for similar target that was sold on Abercrombie’s Hollister, Express, American Eagle Outfitters and Gap.

Guess factory outlet

The top of that, it can be said that Guess is fast growing fashion chains. It could be meant that you could find many jobs at Guess as well as career opportunities. Regarding this matter, preparing Guess job application properly is a must if you really want to apply Guess jobs. Following Guess contact address could be useful for you:

Contact :

Department of Human Resources
1444 South Alameda Street
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: 1-800-22-GUESS (48377) EXT. 5988
Guess Canada
Please mail your resume to the following:
Att: Leslie Carrafiello Cybulskie
306 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 1R4
Please FAX your scanner-friendly resume to:
(416) 640-0687
Send your resume (in text format) to the following:

Guess Jobs

If you are looking for Guess jobs, you may find it through Guess corporate office and Guess stores. You can apply for contract, full-time, Internship, Part-time, Seasonal, or even temporary employment. An important thing you should be prepared is Guess job application that could be also mean your latest resume.

To find opening jobs at Guess, you can simply stop by at nearest Guess store. Or, you may also visit Guess careers site. Visiting Guess careers site will be very helpful in order to find Guess corporate office jobs, or finding job opportunities on New Stores opening jobs.

Commonly, you could find wide range jobs at Guess such as Sales Associates, Assistant Manager, Co Manager, Security Specialist, Senior Buyer, Social Media Manager, Buyer, Project Manager, Warehouse Associate, Compensation Manager, Maintenance Specialist, Customer Care Rep. Bilingual, HR Coordinator II, CRM Business Analyst, Allocator, Jr Planner, Associate Planner, Warehouse Associate, Finance Manager, and many more.

Guess Job Application

In order to apply available jobs at Guess, you can send your appropriate resume to Guess hiring mail address, or through Fax, or post mail. Or you may also visit Guess store in person. When you stopped by at the nearest Guess store or Marciano store, you can ask available jobs at Guess and request Guess job application form to Manager on duty. And then fill it out carefully, before you return complete Guess job application to the store manager.

For American applicants, you may easily find available Guest jobs by visiting guess careers site. At first you must go to And then you could follow FAQ menus. To find jobs at Guess, simply click on “Guess Careers” on sidebar. On Guess careers FAQ page, you must follow “careers” hyperlink. It will bring you to Guess careers external site.

Guess Job Application Online

You can begin creating your job profile, as well as searching available Guess jobs. You can simply define your search criteria and click the ‘Search Now’ button. Wait for seconds, and then when search result appears, you can choose one or any of them. Click on job title to view job detail including position purpose, essential functions, and qualification.

Simply click “Apply” button if you want to begin sending Guess job application.


  1. I have previous experience working in retail.would like to opportunity to work for this company. I have a good personality to greet guests and help with their shopping needs.

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  3. Job Application

  4. Would like to apply for job with Guess in the Raleigh NC

  5. would like to apply for a job with Guess in Raleigh NC

  6. Good afternoon My name is jose cervantes, I would like to work for you company, please give me a call to (323) 916 3044 or via thank you and have a nice day.

  7. I’m still attending to high school

  8. i like to work in this company becouse i find guess product so nice 😉

  9. I would like to work this company because it’s the best company i had seen.The company it unique they is jus a amazing interest about this company jus really wish that i would be apart of this amazing company

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