Goodwill Job Application Letter

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Goodwill Job Application Letter

Basically, every person has the right to get a decent job. In facts, not many companies take the risk to employ “certain people”. People with criminal backgrounds, People with disabilities, and immigrants for instance are commonly difficult to find bonafide workplace that are willing to welcome them. But at least there is a proper workplace for these kinds of people, Goodwill Industries International. Find the info and then send Goodwill job application letter to get Goodwill jobs or build your own Goodwill career ladder.

Goodwill Industries is a non-profit organization that was built on purpose to help provides job training, offers employment placement to help certain people earn a living and improve their life. Most of Goodwill services were aimed to youth, seniors, veterans and military families, immigrants, and people with disabilities, criminal backgrounds and other specialized needs.

The History of Goodwill Industries International

The start line for this well-known nonprofit organization was established in 1902. Goodwill Industries International was founded by Edgar J. Helms, a Methodist minister as well as a motivator. At that time, he and his congregation were beginning to collect used household goods and clothing from wealthier area. Those goods were mended and repaired by the unemployed or bereft people around him that were previously hired to do it. After repaired, those used goods and clothing were re-distributed or given to the needy people, including people who help him repaired it.

Goodwill logo - Goodwill careers and Jobs

The concept was developed. Several years later, the “Goodwill Industries” officially introduced. It was happening when Helms was subsequently invited to visit in New York, and many people were interested to learn about the innovative programs. And then the organization has become an international movement.

Today, we can find not less than 165 Goodwill organizations within the United States and Canada as well as the 14 Goodwill affiliated organizations in other countries worldwide such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, and Venezuela. This organization believed had helped more than 189,000 people to get a job during 2011.

In addition, Goodwill Industries operate more than 2,650 Goodwill stores in the United States and Canada. However those Goodwill Stores were independently owned and operated. You can various products such as jeans, business attire, infant and children’s clothing, housewares and appliances, furniture and more at a great value in Goodwill stores.

Goodwill Corporate Office Address

Goodwill Industries Headquarters
15810 Indianola Drive
Rockville, MD 20855 USA
Phone:     1-301-530-6500
Fax: 1-301-530-1516
Customer Service: 1-800-466-39455

Goodwill Careers

Goodwill is not only the non-profit organization that was recognized both in the United States, Canada, and other countries worldwide, but also recognized employer. Although it was non-profit organization, but Goodwill can survive for more than a century with the good financial statement. The secret is Goodwill industries international are always recruiting motivated as well as talented leader who have a great passion about the business and the mission as well.

On the other hand, Goodwill could be the appropriate workplace for you. In Goodwill, you will also the opportunities to help other people to get a better life, because of Goodwill provide employment training, resume builder, other employment advice like to learn the secrets of networking, Jobs interview practice, how to dress for success and also learn about what the employers expect from you.

So, what do you wait for? You already have the passion, you are also having the time, then you only need to find an appropriate job as well as find out how to send Goodwill job application letter to apply Goodwill jobs.

Goodwill Industries - long journeys for humanity

There are several jobs at Goodwill that you can easily find on it careers site such as Youth & Family Services Specialist, Truck Driver, Case Manager, Supervisor, Community Manager, Customer Service Manager, Manager of Marketing Communications, Material Handler, Production Manager, Store Manager, Project Search Employment Specialist, Attended Donation Center (ADC) Attendant, Chief Compliance Officer, Assistant Manager, Bilingual Facilitator, Store Cashier, HRC Driver, Production Associate, Floor Associate, Supported Employment Program Manager, Store Sales Clerk , and many other positions that can be found further on Goodwill careers site or Goodwill job search engine partner.

How to Send Goodwill job application

In order to apply Goodwill career opportunities, sending Goodwill job application form is mandatory. You can use either Goodwill job application form printout or Goodwill job application letter via email or online depend on what kind position you want to apply for. For Independently owned and operated Goodwill stores, you can directly visit to the nearby store and then ask for employment along with inquiries about Goodwill job application form print out, if any. You may find Goodwill job application form print is looking like this:

Goodwill job application form pdf printable

If you need one of them, you can also download it by following this link.

For other common Goodwill careers and job opportunities, you can find jobs within a Goodwill careers site or its jobs search engine partner. Goodwill careers webpage can be reached when you followed the “Careers at Goodwill” link from the Goodwill official site home page.  And then, you can search available Goodwill jobs on “Find a Job” section and inputting job search criteria.

Soon after, several available positions at Goodwill will be appearing. To find further info about detail job description as well as how and where to send Goodwill job application form, you just have to click the job title. Some position will ask you to send your latest resume to certain recruiters mail address while the other positions required you to create and send Goodwill job application online by following the given link.


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